Modeco ABEE

Our History

MODECO SA is a pioneering, purely Greek company with a leading presence of 41 years in the field of children's and youth furniture. The company has headquarters and production in Elassona, Larissa prefecture and administration offices in Athens. Its state-of-the-art vertically integrated industrial unit employs 50 employees, while many Greek suppliers produce raw materials and components for Modeco.
The company sells its products through a mixed retail system consisting of privately owned corporate and franchised business stores. The 15 exclusive stores along with the 6 shop in shop developed by modeco throughout Greece constitute the largest specialized network in purely children's youth furniture.
The company's retail network employs a total of approximately 70 employees. Modeco produces and sells high quality products in all categories of furniture, with a unique variety of designs, colors and dimensions on the market: beds, bunk beds, bedside tables, desks, bookcases, compositions, seats, sofas and armchairs, wardrobes, poufs and accessories. In addition, the company is active in the professional sector with the equipment of tourist units and professional offices.
All modeco products are covered by " 5 Years Written Quality Guarantee" received by the customer.
The company's products are designed by the internationally renowned industrial designer Mr. Konstantinos Choursoglou, aiming at functionality, aesthetics, versatility and ergonomics for the user.
Raw materials from certified suppliers such as timber and wiring of German origin meet the highest standards – quality, durability and safety for children.
In modeco stores, the care is the excellent customer service by specialized decoration consultants, with integrated solutions & room studies through the design program of three-dimensional display on PC.
With the constant goal of leading the market of children's & youth furniture, its establishment in the market of hotel and professional equipment and the continuous support of its stores, modeco constantly invests in advertising and promoting its name and products by communicating in all media: TV, radio, promotions and Internet. It also participates in international exhibitions and exhibitions of hotel equipment.

Our Philosophy

At modeco we have always believed in the freedom that everyone deserves to enjoy the space they live in every day to the fullest. That's why the furniture series we create not only highlight every space without committing it, but also give a special feature that makes modeco unique.

Primary and basic components of our philosophy have always been functionality, ergonomics and timelessness in design. The strict choice of materials and the high construction standards complete the picture, ensuring the absolute durability of the furniture and of course its long durability.
The modeco gives you absolute flexibility to combine your ideas with forms, designs, dimensions, materials and colors to compose the furniture that will perfectly serve your own personal needs. 
Our philosophy is based on the following axes:
  • Guaranteed Quality & Safety through the provision of a written quality guarantee of 5 years for all products
  • Absolutely Competitive and Affordable Prices
  • Innovative Industrial Design
  • Personalized customer service through a 3D design program on a PC
  • Versatility, functionality & scalability of products and  constructions
  • Child protection & safety
  • Greekness of products and raw materials


Design Program

Visualize your space...
Call us at  home to study your needs together.

For us, in modeco stores, what counts more than the sale is the satisfied customer. That's why, with the help of specialized decorators and with your participation, we can bring every space on the computer screen to life. You simply choose the furniture you like and let us present it to you in your space using the international AUTOCAD platform.

Through the realistic 3D depiction of your space you can achieve its excellent ergonomics, have solutions, decorative and spatial, perfectly tailored to your needs.