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No deposit

Up to 84 doses


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• The financing is provided by a partner credit institution

• The credit institution approves the funding after evaluating the application based on the applicable credit policy and if the credit criteria are met

• The funding granted may cover up to 100% of the total cost of purchasing the goods. Minimum amount of funding awarded 500€ and maximum 40.000€

• The repayment period of the financing ranges from 6 to 84 months

• The lending rate is fixed at 13% and remains unchanged for the entire duration of the financing

• Minimum monthly installment from 30€

• With the first installment of funding, a lump sum of administrative and operational costs is collected, which amounts to € 100

• The necessary supporting documents are:

for an employee: a) identity card, b) last tax clearance, c) last payroll receipt or official (not handwritten) salary certificate from the accounting department of the company in which he works (the applicant's professional details should be mentioned in detail – date of recruitment, gross and net earnings, insurance deductions, tax)

for pensioners: a) identity card, b) last tax clearance, c) recent information note for pension payment

For income earners: a) identity card, b) last tax clearance

For freelancer/entrepreneur: a) identity card, b) the last 2 tax clearance notes

• Immediate approval by the bank of an amount up to € 1,000

• The funding granted concerns customers and retail orders

• The funding granted does not apply to business purchases (tariffs)