Tourism during the last decades has experienced – globally – continuous development and diversification of products offered. It has now emerged as one of the fastest growing economic sectors and at the same time one of the main sources of income for many countries.

Modeco, with many years of experience in home and business equipment, following the developments in the market and based on the trends of the time, has created series of hotel equipment based on quality-aesthetics-versatility-ergonomics and design.

  • Experienced decorators with knowledge of the design program undertake the measurement, study, design and implementation of the project, always in collaboration with the client or the supervising decorator-architect who has undertaken the project
  • Create a project schedule based on product manufacturing
  • Furniture with high quality materials is manufactured in a well-equipped factory by a state-of-the-art vertically integrated industrial unit by experienced and trained staff
  • Specialized technicians undertake the installation of products with consistency and professionalism
  • All modeco products are covered by " 5 Years Written Quality Guarantee" and aftersaleservice capability