Back to School

The New School Year begins and parents rush to create appropriate study spaces for their children.

But what should you pay attention to when choosing a desk for your child?

First, invest in an office that your child can use for several years rather than for the first few years of school. A desk size of 110 cm and above, is capable of ensuring sufficient study space.

The surface should be in neutral colors and not in bright shades so as not to distract children during study time. Also, the depth should be enough so that the child, in addition to the basic study book, can have space for additional notebooks, books or aids that he may need during reading. In the early years of school, you will need to supervise your child during homework, so a desk with space to add a second chair is essential.As your child gets older, he needs more free space on his desk to place a computer or laptot. So make sure that the depth of the desk is from 55 cm and above.But as "clean" as the child's study surface should be, the rest of the bookcase or the shelves of the office should be just as clean and tidy.

Be sure not to leave too much open storage space that will show the clutter of books, toys, and other items. Close some parts of the library and store what you don't need right away. Place drawers to store small items (such as stationery, pencils, erasers, paints, markers, rulers, etc.). Everything should be easily accessible on his desk so he doesn't have to get up to get what is needed. Create shelves for small and large books (binders, etc.). Use binder cases to sort school lessons, foreign languages, music, etc.

Place a bulletin board where you can pin the school schedule, various notes, and some reward stars for the good work she does every day at school. They will make your child feel good and motivate him to do better.

Don't forget their games too! Your child's feelings and attitude towards studying will begin to develop at this stage. Therefore, do everything you can to prevent it from being a stressful experience. If he has a favorite stuffed toy that soothes and comforts him, make room for that toy on his desk or on a nearby shelf. The presence of the game will calm it down.

Happy New School Year!!